I.S. (vanya796515) wrote in kunstgeschichte,

Aphrodite-Victory @ The City Museum of Brescia, Italy

What's interesting about this piece is that originally it was a statue of Aphrodite (Venus), executed c. 3rd century BC; however, in the 1st century AD the wings were added to the statue thus turning the sculpture into the the depiction of Victory (Nike). A great example of how art objects can change with time, reflecting new tastes, agendas, etc. A minor or a major addition thus completely changes the meaning, becoming a useful tool for us today in studying the way the meanings are constructed and communicated. She also looks rather clumsy, don't you think? It is as if she landed for the first on Earth and learning to walk, or, on the contrary, is only starting to explore her flying powers.
Tags: aphrodite-victory, art, art history, brescia, italy, roman
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